I can't access my document / processing is taking too long


If you've tried to access your file, but you're having trouble getting it to load correctly, you may be experiencing a problem with your browser.   

Here's what you can do to fix the problem in most cases, in a handy step by step format.   
Step 1: Turn off incognito/private browsing mode.   

Our builder requires access to cookies, and other browser features which could be blocked by being in private mode.   

Please make sure to always disable this function when using the Zety builder.   
Step 2: Perform a Hard Reset on your browser.   

When our site gets updated, sometimes your browser will end up trying to access information from before our update took place.  When this happens, you'll need to perform a hard reset to wipe the slate clean, and get our builder to work as it's supposed to. 
To perform a hard reset, please press Ctrl + F5 (Cmd + Shift + R on Mac OS).   

This should reload the page, and clear your cache so that the website can start up from the beginning again.  
Step 3: Turn off any browser add-ons or extensions. 
If you're running adblockers, privacy extensions, or even things like grammarly, you may find certain parts of the site's functionality not working properly. 
These add-ons and extensions will often block elements of the site, and the only way to avoid that is to make sure to turn off those extensions on our page, or by whitelisting our site. 
Don't worry! We won't annoy you with ads, and we won't track you across the internet with privacy invasive cookies.
Step 4: Change internet browsers.  
If you've tried the steps above, and still aren't having any luck, you may need to try a different internet browser.   

Our site is formatted to work with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Opera browsers. That said, sometimes one of our updates might not work perfectly with one of the browser listed above.   

In those situations, it may be necessary to switch to a new browser until we can get a fix ready.   

Step 5: Send your browser data to our support team. 
If you've completed every step above, and you still can't get things working, the best thing to do is to get in touch with our support staff so they can look directly at your account.   

There's a website called which allows you to get a detailed report of your browser information.   

The website then allows you to share this information with our team using the "Share Your System Info With Tech Support" button.   
This report gives our customer support agents the most detailed information possible so that they can troubleshoot your problem.   

Send them an email at and they will be sure to get back to you as soon as they can!