How can I spell check my document?


Everybody wants their documents to be as professional as possible and therefore free from all spelling and grammar mistakes. 

Currently, our resume builder doesn't have a spell check function integrated. But don't worry, there are solutions available that will help you out.

We can recommend using Language Tool or Grammarly, two highly reviewed online spell checkers that will aid you in making corrections to your document.

Please use the following links to reach the sites:

You need to simply copy the text you want to check and paste it in the relevant field on each website. Next, simply click on 'Check text'. The programs will highlight any problems detected and will allow you to review each one of them.

Any of these tools can be added as an extension to Chrome so that the text you enter online is automatically being checked and you are notified about the suggestions for corrections.

Just keep in mind that these spell check software, while being incredibly helpful, can always have some limitations. So before sending out your documents, quickly double check it yourself!