What to do if some text is repeated on the 2nd page of the resume?


Sometimes, when the content of one section manages to fall on a page break, it happens that the text is duplicated at the beginning of the second page. Luckily, there's a quick way to solve this issue!

Step 1: Log into your account and select the resume which you are editing from your list of resumes. 



Step 2: Once you are in the edit mode, go to go to the Preview & Customize option in the upper menu and then scroll down to the duplicated section. 

If the duplicated text on the 1st page is followed by a blank space, probably there are unnecessary spaces created by pressing the Enter key multiple times.


To remove it, go to the Editor option and find the section in question. By using the Backspace key remove the blank lines.



This step should remove the duplication.



However, if the problem still exists or if the text was duplicated without any blank space before it, extra steps need to be taken.

Step 3: Go to the Preview & Customize option and choose the advanced options in the menu on the left side of your screen.



Your document needs to be edited to prevent the section from touching the bottom of the first page. This can be achieved by changing:

  • line spacing

By using the slide button you can adjust the size of the line spacing in your document. Try resizing it slightly, changing it to -1 or +1 or more and observe if the duplication is removed.


Usually, even the small changes will do the job.

  • font

The other way of formatting your document to delete the repeated text is to change the font size or style.

You can change it in the customized section of the builder using sliders in the same way as modifying the line spacing.


Here's a detailed article we created to help you format the size and style of your font: