Can I download files in DOC format?


Currently, it is not possible to download a resume in DOC format. However, you are able to save your document in one of the most useful formats available, PDF.

The PDF format ensures that your future employer will see your resume looking exactly how you designed it. Your resume can be downloaded or printed out and the layout of your document will not be changed - the formatting is retained which makes the document easy for others to view. 

You can also be sure that virtually no one can make changes to your resume. This format gives you more freedom to graphically design your document - PDF supports graphics better than DOC, offers higher graphic integrity and unique, visually pleasing formatting that will help your document stand out.

Additionally, almost anyone can open the PDF format on their device, no matter which operating system or software application it is viewed on. Also, the PDF file retains high quality while being relatively small in size. So you do not need to worry about technical problems which may occur on the viewer’s side.