How do I get a link for my resume or cover letter? 


If you have purchased a Premium plan for your account, you can have a personalized link to your resume on our site. In order to set up your custom URL, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Log in to your account and select the resume or cover letter that you would like to have a link to.


Step 2: Once you are in the builder with your resume open, select the Online resume section from the left menu.


Step 3: When you are in the Online resume section, you’ll need to first activate your resume. Select the toggle, and ensure that it is set to the right, and appears as blue.


Step 4: This will prompt the URL entry field to unlock so you can enter your custom url extension. Pick a unique name to enter, and when you are ready, select the save button below.


Step 5: If you have encountered an error, the URL you have selected may already be taken. You will need to choose a new unique URL until you are able to save the settings. Once everything is ready, you can either go to your custom URL, or simply click the green Preview button to check your link.

Step 6: While your online resume is active, you can see how many times it’s been viewed and downloaded. The counter that will display the views/downloads can be found on the My Resumes page in a column beside the resume's name.

Step 7: If at some point you decide to deactivate your online resume, simply go to the Online resume section (as shown in Step 2 of this guide) and move the toggle to the left. The button will become gray and the URL section will be inactive.


Once you are sure the Online resume option has been deactivated, click on the red Save button

As long as your Premium plan is active, you can come back to this section and change the settings to activate and deactivate your online resume whenever needed.