Questions about the Zety Career Course? This article acts as a primer to help answer some of those frequently asked questions.

The Career Course includes 40+ in-depth lessons, that will cover everything from leaving your current job, to improving your resume to get that competitive edge, to mastering the job hunt, all the way to landing your dream job.

Included in the course are hidden tips and tricks from recruiters, career coaches, and other HR experts. You'll also have access to more than 140 resume samples and cover letters, email and LinkedIn templates, and links to some of the best job posting websites.
In addition to all this, you'll receive advice on how to leave your current job in a positive way, tips on networking effectively to get help with your job hunt, and plenty of actionable information no matter what position you're trying to secure. Pretty much everything you need to be a job hunting master.
For more information, please check our Career Course page.