I've been charged by Zety ex Uptowork, is that you?


If you have been looking at your payments' history and wondering what 'Zety ex Uptowork' refers to, you've come to the right place. :)

Some time ago we'd changed our brand name to Zety, but left the original name (Uptowork) in the title of the transactions so that everyone can associate it with the right resume builder. 

More recently, we have modified the title of the transaction to make it even more transparent and called it  "Wkz*Resume Builder”. So yes, it's still us! :)

Most likely the payments connected with any of these names correspond to a subscription bought on

If you would like to check your transactions on Zety and manage your subscription, here's the link to your dashboard:

Please remember that you need to log in using your email and password combination to check that information.