I've tried to upgrade my plan but instead, the Start plan has been cancelled. What to do now?


You have been using the Start plan for some time, but then you realized that actually, the Premium one would be a better option for you.

What do you do then? Yes, an upgrade! 

At the moment when you select the upgrade option in your account, the Start plan will be automatically cancelled so that the higher plan can be activated. However, sometimes the process may be interrupted and the upgrade would not be finalized.

In this situation, you end up with the cancelled Start plan and no upgrade.

But no worries! We can quickly help you solve the issue. 

All we need is an email from you at with your email address linked to your Zety account and the information that the upgrade process was not successful.

As soon as we receive your email, we will check the transaction history and if the upgrade was indeed interrupted, we will issue a refund for the Start plan and you will be able to purchase the Premium plan directly.

Yes, simple as that! :)