The Zety name change - what's that all about?


We’ve decided that our brand name should be shorter, snappier, and more catchy. When the idea of “Zety” came to us, we fell in love with it, and we hope you will too!

Since 2016, we’ve helped millions of people better their lives and win their dream jobs through the Uptowork name.

Now, you’ll still be able to access all the same, ever-improving features, but we’re more memorable as a result.

Here’s what changes for you:

  • Emails will come from this new domain, so be sure to whitelist us!

  • Charges on your credit card statements may reflect the new name on your next subscription cycle.

  • We have plans for many new features and new career advice stories, so stay tuned!

Here’s what remains the same for you:

  • Just go to to access anything you would have gone to for, including the resume builder and any online CVs you may have.

  • Your login details will not change—just use them over at the new

  • You still own the rights to all your data and information.

  • This name change does not affect our terms of service or privacy policy.

For more details on our name change, check out our blog post. For answers to specific questions regarding the change, see here.