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However, we do not offer one-on-one career or resume advice.

On the Blog, you can find useful advice on various topics. All our articles are organized into categories: Resume Writing, Resume Examples, Cover Letter, Job Search, Job Interview, Career Advice and Work Life, to help you find the right articles more easily. The posts are written by experts and under each one of them, you can find the comment section where you can ask additional questions.

Here are some examples of articles that might be helpful:

Not sure how to write a CV for a specific position? Or maybe you're a student fresh out of high school? Here are some of our more popular articles:


If you need more help, you might also find our Career Course useful. It includes more than 40 in-depth lessons that cover all topics, from leaving your job, through creating your resume, to interview advice, step-by-step Guidelines and Job Hunt Strategies. To get more information about the career course, visit this site.

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