What if the second page of my resume only includes a few lines of text?


If you have a lot of work experience relating to the job for which you are applying, your resume may end up as two or more pages long. If you only have a few lines of text on your second or final page, your resume can look poorly formatted, and aesthetically unpleasant.

If you would like to space your resume properly, this is the place to find out how!

Step 1Log into your account and select the resume you’d like to edit.


Step 2: Once you have your resume opened in the builder, select the section you would like to add some empty lines to. For this tutorial, we will be choosingthe Experience section.


Step 3: In the Experience section, go to a section that you would like to add lines to and place your cursor at the end of the entered text. From here you can add empty lines by either pressing the Enter key.


Step 4: Congratulations! Your resume should be spaced more properly now! Check it by selecting the Preview button to make sure everything looks alright.

If you’ve added line breaks and are still unhappy with your resume layout, you can also try adjusting your margins. To do so, please select the Preview & Customize section from the menu at the top.


Step 5: When you are in the Preview & customize page, you will see a new menu on the left side.


From here you will be able to adjust page margins, as well as spacing between sections and columns. The larger the number in the entry field, the larger the spacing. Adjust the sections at your convenience, and remember to check how things look using the Preview button.